11 Best Street Shopping Places in Delhi

Delhi can very easily pass off as a melting point of all cultures. This trait of Delhi makes it the largest shopping hub in India. And no one can deny the fact that Delhi streets markets possess a charm that no other city possesses. Who all are with us on this? Please do tell us by commenting down below!

Also you can unhesitantly call yourself a pro bargainer if you shop frequently from the street markets of Delhi. Our suggestion for you is to add great bargaining skills to your CV if you have ever shopped from the streets that we have mentioned below:


This is truly a market like no other. You can see this market alive and bustling with activity from 11 in the morning to 9 at night except on Sundays. Janpath is broadly divided into two segments: Tibetan Market and Gujrati market lane. You can find home decor pieces, silver jewellery, wooden stuff and apparels at the Tibetan side.

And the moment you enter Gujrati Lane you will know. Wondering how? Let’s find out! This side is very colorful, lively and is always bustling with activity. Kurtas, jackets, accessories, handbags, umbrellas and other quirky items are up for grabs here.

Lajpat Nagar 

You can often see women having a great time at this marketplace. Do you want to know why? This market has literally  all the items that are available at all the other markets in Delhi such as decor pieces, popular food stalls and street food joints, trendy apparels, accessories. Other than these common items this marketplace has a very big and quite famous stationery shop under the name of Sitaram Stationers which is a must visit even if you are not a stationery lover.

Don’t get disheartened, boys! Lajpat Nagar market has something for you as well. From casual t-shirts, workwear shirts to trousers, jeans, joggers and shorts, you can find everything under one roof.

A quick tip: You need to bring out the best bargainer in you if you are planning on taking a trip to Lajpat Nagar Market.

Sadar bazaar 

Sadar Bazaar is most commonly deemed as a cosmetic and spices market. But it will be wrong on our part if we only restrict it to cosmetics and spices. Sadar Bazaar is also divided into various mini markets such as Swadeshi Market, Khari Baoli, Daryaganj, Chawri Bazaar, Dariba Kalan, Chandni Chowk and many others. 

Don’t forget to fill your bellies up with some delicious food when in Sadar Bazaar. Oh wait, you don’t have to remember that. The food and beverage shops present at every nook and corner is  a strong reminder of the same.

Sarojini Nagar

Sarojini Nagar or The Shopper’s Paradise as they say. Do you agree? Comment down below!

Maybe one who said that diamonds are a girl’s best friend did know about Sarojini Nagar Market because if he would have known then this quote would have never been made. SN market, as deemed by the Delhi University students, is loaded with a wide array of items including handicrafts from all over the country, trendy and classic clothes, footwear, electronic gadgets, antiques, silk textiles, and home décor products.

Karol Bagh Market 

Let us point you out a very interesting fact about Karol Bagh Market! You will definitely find something to purchase here even if you are not looking for anything in general. So are you ready to go for a shopping spree at Karol Bagh marketplace?

Gaffar Market Place which is present inside the  Karol Bagh Market is deemed as one of Asia’s biggest electronics markets. This particular market is ranking on top for mobile unlocking business. Do you have an electronic gadget in mind and don’t know a place to go? Gaffar Market is your answer. From cheap smart TVs to PlayStation, this market has it all.

Rajouri Market 

Summoning all the true shopaholics out there! Are you ready for a huge shopping spree? Vibrant lanes, a huge chunk of people, honking vehicles, and lots of food- this is what sums up Rajouri Market for us. What about you?

Just like all the other markets mentioned in this list, Rajouri market also has a massive variety of fashionable yet classy items such as belts, wallets, shoes, denims, shirts, t-shirts, watches etc.

GK M- Block Market 

Do you want to get lost in the shopping paradise? If yes, then GK M-Block is the market for you. One can find lifestyle items, trendy pieces like graphic t-shirts, midi skirts, kurtas, suit fabric, mojaris here. You can even find latest jewellery pieces, minimalist accessories, and home decor items to adorn your place.

Banjara Market 

Do you want to adorn your casa with some old world charm this Diwali? If yes, then what are you waiting for? Rush to Delhi’s most favorite home decor and furniture markets of all times which is Banjara Market. You can purchase classic yet contemporary showpieces, vases, lamps, paintings, wooden frame mirrors and clocks to amp up your interiors.

Kamala Nagar 

Do you want to bring out the shopping freak in you? If yes, then don’t worry because Kamala Nagar Marketplace has got your back. Want to know how? Continue to read on for best shopping information!

Kamala Nagar Market or KNags( a name by Delhi University students) is the favorite place of North Campus students. Another feature that makes it a hit among the youngsters is that it is a popular meeting point of students from the nearby colleges such as Hansraj, Daulat Ram, Kirori Mal and Ramjas. You can see this place bustling with activity on regular college days and most during the break hours.

And how can we forget street food joints here? From a wide variety of chuskis, golgappas to chaat vendors, you can indulge in anything and everything in the Kamala Nagar Nagar marketplace.

Monastery Market 

Monastery market in a true sense is a reflection of Tibet. One quite intriguing and interesting fact about Monastery marketplace is that it is still quite undiscovered and lowkey unlike all the markets we have mentioned uptil now. And this market is for all the boys out there who are still skimming through this list wondering when they will find something for themselves.

Don’t worry boys! We have you in mind as well! Monastery market is for all the men who like to stay trendy yet chic. It is again a Tibetan market which has all varieties of shirts, t-shirts, joggers, jeans. Are you feeling the FOMO yet, girls? You don’t have to feel the FOMO because all the items we have mentioned above are available for both the genders. You can even find quirky woolen, leather, and puffer jackets at this marketplace at throw away prices.

Krishna Nagar Market 

From clothes, accessories, footwear to utensils, crockery, home decor, electrical appliances, and Indian sweets, Krishna Market has everything. You name it and voila there is a shop right in front of you. What else does a shopper want, right?

Despite being located in East Delhi, Lal Quarter Market located in Krishna Nagar receives an enormous amount of traction from people living all over Delhi. The biggest factor that drives people from far and wide to this market is availability of quality products at throw away prices.

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