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11 Things to keep in mind if you want to level up your style game

Before coming to the actual tips, we would like to clarify that having a great sense of style does not mean that a person has to wear expensive and fancy clothes at all times. Being stylish means understanding your personality and dressing accordingly. It is all about being put together and elegant at all times.

There are so many people who want to look stylish but don’t know anything about fashion. It is simply because they don’t invest their time in reading about Colors and combinations that look good together. If you are someone who really wants to be stylish then it is super important to read about fashion and style if you still don’t.

Having a great sense of style is all about enhancing your personality with the help of confidence and striving to become the best version of oneself. Confidence is a clear indication of how comfortable a person is with himself/ herself. It is kind of an inner glow that radiates positivity and style. Another noteworthy thing about confidence is that it is infectious. When others see you being confident in your skin, it allures them to be confident too which makes you even more attractive and stylish.

Now that you know what the actual definition of style is, now let’s move on to how to inculcate these attributes to become a chic and stylish person who is admired by all.

It is very rightly said that Being stylish and timeless is not about being noticed rather it’s about being remembered.

  1. Iron your clothes at all times 

Will you believe us if we say that ironing your clothes at all times can transform your style for good? Believe it not, it is a reality and no one can alter it. The reason being ironing the clothes gives it a neat and clean look which instantly makes it stylish.

Wearing crisp and clean clothes is a clear sign that you put efforts in making yourself presentable which gives you a clear edge over others. People instantly find you stylish and chic when they find out that you put in efforts to look put together.

  1. Make self-care a part of your daily routine 

Self-care or grooming is another very important aspect of one’s style. If you are someone who loves to treat yourself to regular spas and take care of your hygiene, then you already top the style game. Make Cleansing, Toning and Moisturising or CTM a mandatory part of your beauty regime and see yourself go from average to stylish in no time. 

  • Practice kindness and empathy 

Being kind and empathetic signifies that you are large hearted and an open-minded person which is again a very important requisite for being stylish. It shows that you care for others which signals how attractive you are as a person.

  • Smile more often 

There is a popular belief of fake it till you make it. It is completely true in this case. Smile even if you don’t feel like smiling. It instantly releases happy hormones which makes you feel good which in turn makes you stylish. This is the reason we specified in the very beginning that style is not about external appearance or beauty. It is about feeling good inside out.

A person becomes 10 times more approachable and stylish when they are smiling. It is observed that people stop and pay attention to those who smile more often. Most importantly a positive smile is said to be contagious which means a person who sees you smiling will also smile thus making you all the more attractive. 

  • Accessories can make or break your style game 

Some people wrongly equate style with clothes only. But the real deal about styling nicely is to wear the accessories accordingly. Style is not just about clothes. It is about constructing an outfit from top to bottom which includes accessories, clothes, footwear, makeup, hair and right perfume.

The accessories must exude the same style as your clothes. Otherwise, the outfit will turn out to be bland and average.

Paying attention to little details indicates a stylish personality. Taking care of your nails for example can be a total game changer of your overall look.

  • It is highly advisable to wear monochromes and silk if you want to ramp up your style game 

Monochrome and silk together are a sign of utmost class and wealth. Your style game takes a completely different turn once you start wearing monochrome and silk together. But don’t worry, it is not always important to wear them together. You can even take turns and wear them individually as well.

Monochrome with a different fabric and silk with different top and bottom also look chic. The trick here is to understand what suits your body type and dress accordingly.

  • Learn something new each day 

Adding new skills is not just important to improve your CV but it is also important to improve your life. Observing and learning something new with each passing day makes our life better in the long run.

Learning something new every day is directly related to confidence. When you learn a new skill, your confidence in yourself increases even if you fail. And having confidence in your abilities makes you a stylish person naturally.

Therefore, it is highly advisable to find a new skill and work on improving yourself.

  • Wear high necks or turtlenecks 

Turtlenecks or high necks add height and give the much-needed posture to your body. Therefore, it is advisable to wear a high neck when you want to look more stylish and chicer.  People who believe that high necks or turtleneck outfits are only meant to be worn in winters are highly mistaken. You can find the ways to add the look to your summer dresses as well.


Such minute details if taken into consideration can improve your posture thus making you look more stylish and chicer. Try them for yourself and let us know in the comments below if they work out for you too! 

  • Layer your perfume to smell divine 

A good smell can instantly make you look stylish. And a smell is something that people tend to remember at all times. The trick to smell good is to layer your scents with the same accent or tone. Simply put, your body wash, moisturiser and perfume must be of the same accent (you can use a different brand) if you really want to come off as stylish.

  • Always remember to choose quality over quantity 

Believing in quality over quantity separates you from people who do not care about their style. It makes you authentic and gives a unique edge over others. Adding timeless and quality clothes in your closet is sure to make you extremely stylish and elegant.

Curating your wardrobe with neutrals is of utmost importance if you really want to up your style game. 

  • Less is always more 

Last but not the least, always keep in mind that less is more. Continuing with the above-mentioned point it is imperative to fill your closet with sustainable and quality clothes instead of trendy ones. One should learn the art of layering and styling clothes to give it a different look.

Buy classic and elegant clothes and watch your style naturally exude wealth and class.

Bonus tip: Don’t wear all designer from top to bottom 

We are here to burst a myth today. Yes, you read it right! Don’t dress up in designer wear from head to toe. You must be wondering why we say so. We feel you. So, we have reason proofed our point. Wearing designer wear top to bottom makes you come across as a snob and stylish people are anything but snobs. So, keep in mind to keep it minimal and classy.

Styling one or two designer pieces in an outfit is considered as a sign of style but wearing designers from head to toe is a sign of show off.

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