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6 Interesting Figures about Virtual Real Estate Tours

With the growth of online companies, it’s no wonder that many of them are using digital platforms to increase their revenues. This also includes the real estate industry. Technology has completely changed the old-school world of real estate, but few people in the industry take full advantage of technology like virtual tours.

Virtual real estate tour technology is a highly effective advertising tool that offers various benefits. The marketing consequences of this high-impact technology are immense, as demonstrated by recent industry statistics.

The real estate market benefits greatly from this technology’s unique ability to display the entire three-dimensional space. One of the most successful ways to market and support real estate is through immersive 360 virtual tours.

A 360-degree virtual tour can help sell a commercial or residential property quicker than still images or video. It creates a sense of luxury, increases homebuyers’ confidence, and improves agent-buyer interaction.

So, if you’re thinking about creating a virtual tour for your company but aren’t sure if it’ll work, here are some statistics to remember.

  1. The return on investment for virtual imaging is estimated to be less than four weeks.

Businesses that use virtual tours see faster returns than those that use other strategies, which can take months to show a return on investment. Virtual tours are immersive, interactive, engaging, and persuasive, and they follow all of the rules for perfect digital material.

  1. Visuals are desired by 83 per cent of all homebuyers.

Since the demand for more personalised content has risen, it’s no wonder that online shoppers want to see visuals of a property before investing in or purchasing it.

  1. If a property does not have virtual images, 54% of buyers would not look at it.

This figure exemplifies what’s at stake for you and your business. Virtual real estate tours are popular with consumers, and many want to take them. The majority of them, however, will not even look at a property unless it includes virtual photos of the home. As a consequence, providing online visual support is critical; otherwise, you risk losing a potential customer.

  1. Virtual Home Tours Increase Views by 87 Percent in Real Estate Listings

According to a survey by, property listings with virtual tours receive 87 per cent more views than those without. Given the preceding figure, it’s no wonder that the vast majority of people would not even consider viewing properties without first taking a virtual home tour.

  1. Interactive tours trap visitors on a website for 5-10 times longer.

Online tours not only attract consumers but also keep them there. When it comes to buying a house, virtual home tours will give customers exactly what they want. These tours can also help maintain the client base and increase website traffic.

  1. Repeat homebuyers make up 79 per cent of the market, while first-time buyers make up 84 per cent. Use the Internet to find information.

The bulk of today’s homebuyers don’t search for properties in the newspaper or drive around looking for a “For Rent” sign; instead, they use the internet. You may be wondering how this applies to online property tours. The internet and real estate websites, on the other hand, provide the ideal forum for consumers to take virtual tours, which would help both them and those selling properties.

With these figures in mind, it’s easy to see how virtual real estate tours can benefit your business. When browsing real estate properties online, it’s clear that home buyers want to attend virtual site visits. This is beneficial not only to home buyers but also to real estate agents.

Virtual real estate viewings save consumers time and money while also allowing them to make more educated decisions about the assets they want to purchase or invest in.

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