About Us

Are you a foodie or a wanderer or just another person wanting to live life to the fullest ?

Welcome to WandererFoodie world!

Hello world! Hope you all are having an amazing time. If not, better be looking forward to it because life is too short to not savour each moment. I, Manoj Upadhyay, a digital marketer by profession, believe in just that! I cherish each aspect of life, which has driven me to the idea of my blogging website, namely Wandererfoodie. I am a foodie, explorer and a traveller at heart. I love trying out new cuisines and exploring new places. Not only this, I love capturing unforgettable moments on my camera and thrilling experiences in my memory, which I want to share with you all so that you can wreathe your own memories based on my suggestions and your experiences.

My blog, especially curated for people who love to shop, explore and eat, is a one stop solution for the following:

  • Food blogs
  • Travel stories
  • Varied life experiences
  • Technology updates
  • Health and lifestyle advice
  • Business news
  • Education news

Wandererfoodie is a place where you can learn from others’ life experiences as well as plan your upcoming trips the right way. From offering health advice to giving food outlet suggestions, from updating you with the latest business news around the world to giving you guidance for education planning, from lifestyle tips to fitness regimes, I have got you covered!

Together, let us build a community of enthusiasts and live life to the fullest, both by helping each other as well as motivating each other to go for that thrilling experience which we have been planning in our head for so long. So, the next time you want any of the above, you know where to head to!