How to write travel blog

Write a Travel Blog using these 5 Tips

How to Write Travel Blog

Travel Blogging in this pandemic has definitely put a crimp on people’s travel plans all over the world. While some countries have begun to open their doors to visitors, travelling solely for the purpose of getting out of the house is still not a good idea.  We recognize that being cooped up in one’s home is not everyone’s definition of luxury, and that nothing can compare to the sheer excitement of travelling and discovering new places. But, because that isn’t possible right now, why not try your hand at travel writing?

If you enjoy travelling, writing about your experiences while visiting different places and placing them on paper (or in this case, a digital document) will help you get out of your stay-at-home funk. Although virtual travel is always an option, travel blog, blogging and writing can also transport readers to new locations.

Your stories, if well-written, can also encourage others to try new things and gain a better understanding of different cultures. Not only that, but writing about your impressions and observations on a particular location will also motivate you to visit new locations.

It may, however, be difficult to know where to begin. After all, a place is made up of many things: people, food, sights and sounds, architecture, and so on. If you’re a beginner or a seasoned travel blog writer looking for a new challenge, there are a variety of ways to transform a dream into a part-time or full-time job.

With this in mind, we’ve put together a list of 5 tips that you can use if you’re having trouble writing your wanderlust posts.

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  1. Identify Your Purpose

Before you begin, you must first understand why you want to tell the story to your readers and what you hope to gain from it. As a result, you’ll have something to strive for and a decent starting point. Your strategy will be determined by what you value most, which could encourage others to value travel as highly as you do.

  1. Have a Well-Thought-Out Storyline in Mind

Your journey is a sequence of events rather than a single narrative; what makes an event interesting depends on the story you want to tell. As a result, your job as a writer is to choose the story you want to tell and the events that will make up that story. To ensure that all of the incidents you’ve written about are useful and important to your reader, read what you’ve written to yourself.

  1. Compose an Irresistible Opening Paragraph

The number of views your blog/article will get is determined by the first few lines. You can begin a travel article however you like, as long as it captures the reader’s interest. You can start with drama, humors, or dialogue, or combine all three, but it should be the types that grab the reader’s attention right away. Many travel articles start in the middle of the storey and then backtrack to illustrate how they ended up there. If you’re not sure, you should give it a shot. Put yourself in the shoes of the reader and consider whether you will read your post.

  1. The Aim is to Entertain, Not to Impress

Travel bloggers sometimes make the mistake of stuffing their articles with jargon. It isn’t important, fortunately, because the purpose of the article is to entertain and educate the reader, not to demonstrate your literary prowess. That isn’t to say that you can’t be playful and try new things. Just don’t do it at the expense of the readers.

  1. Do it for Love

Maya Angelou once said, “You can only become truly accomplished at something you love.” Don’t get into travel writing for the sake of making money – that would be a huge mistake. You should do it because you like it and you want people to know your travel stories. If you’re a writer, telling stories and reaching out to people and encouraging them is one of the most rewarding feelings in the world. If you love to travel, write about it so that your passion comes through in your writing.

Travel the world for blog

If you enjoy travelling, travel blog writing is a perfect way to express yourself. These pointers will help you be more imaginative when writing about the places you’ve been and generate more ideas. Meanwhile, you can engage in virtual travel tours, which can help you gain new perspectives on places you’ve already visited and even new ones you may want to visit in the future!

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